Strengthening your team connections and building trust. 

Many of us have worked remotely this year and it's definitely been a hard few months. Leaders, boost your teams' morale to finish the year strong by giving some genuine appreciation with a 2 hour virtual Dale Carnegie workshop.


This workshop will have your team working stronger and boost productivity higher than ever before. You will build stronger connections amongst your team, learn about each other's values and celebrate each other's strengths and all you have achieved in 2021. 

How we work with your team.

We inspire and challenge your virtual teams to commit to strengthening how they work together to achieve greater results. 

High performing teams happen when a group of people come together with passion, clarity and focus to support each other in achieving a common goal. 

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What we will cover

  • Learn methods to connect with others

  • Explore principles for successful interpersonal interactions

  • Develop skills in giving and receiving positive feedback

  • Discover the value of sincere appreciation 

Who should attend

Teams and departments who wish to finish the year on a productive high by inspiring and recognising their teammates in a new and different way. 

2 Hour Workshop

  • Virtual

  • Priced from $2,600 AUD (excl GST)

  • Held across November and December 2021


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