Overall, virtual teams are very similar to traditional teams. However, communication and team building occur more naturally in face-to-face teams. Because of this, leaders of virtual teams should take deliberate actions to build in activities and practices that are vital to team success.
This two-part, six-hour program will help equip leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead virtual teams to new levels of effectiveness.

Upskill your virtual leadership today.

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Managing Remote Teams

In the current pandemic, working from home has become our new norm. But how do you build a motivated and productive team if you can’t meet face-to-face? 

Moving from a Leader to Virtual Team Leader

When you finish this program, you will be able to:

• Create a virtual team environment based on relationships and camaraderie. 

• Establish clear team expectations based on mutual trust and respect.

• Communicate effectively and use technology that fits the situation.

• Identify ways to foster an environment of virtual teamwork, group effort, and cooperation.

WEBINAR: Handling Stress and Supporting Resilience in Times of Crisis

This virtual event is a 50-minute session designed to bring leaders together to learn about resilience, it's impact on reducing stress in times of adversity and how to develop it in people, teams and across an organisation.

Time Management: A Practical Guide

The current reality is that we must achieve great results within less time. Throw into the mix working from home and many are now juggling family commitments simultaneously. The key is to optimize your time, both professionally and personally, in a manner that will yield the most ideal results.

WEBINAR: How to Develop and Agile and Resilient Workforce during COVID-19

In this webinar, we share our research findings to help you to better understand organizational agility and identify ways to prepare your workforce to adapt and thrive in the rapid changes taking place around us every day.

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