Attitudes for Service

Attitudes for Service

When it comes to customer service, attitude trumps aptitude. Demonstrating a superior customer service attitude involves understanding expectations, going above and beyond, and being a customer advocate. Demonstrating behaviors of helpfulness, genuine interest, and respect influences customer behavior – moving them from indifferent to loyal.

  • It might sound simple, but driving profitability and growth stems from customer service and satisfaction. And superior customer service entails a series of finely interconnected activities that begin with the customer’s first point of contact and continues through to their next encounter. Transforming a customer into a champion for the organization hinges on perfecting the details throughout the customer lifecycle.


    In this course, learn to project a friendly willingness to serve customers in a low-pressure, high-touch way, in every customer interaction.

    Discover ways to increase your self-awareness, improve your communication skills, and ask the right questions.

    With the Four Drivers of Customer Service, you’ll set goals for being a customer champion.