Bringing Conflict into the Open

Bringing Conflict into the Open

Disagreements are not only inevitable but a natural dynamic between people. Left unresolved, they can waste time and energy, and negatively impact productivity. The normal reaction is to avoid disagreements in order to maintain a peaceful work environment. Yet we can gain so much if we can learn to view these situations as learning opportunities, and deal with them in an agreeable and professional way.

  • The ability to work well with others is even more important today with the pressures of our complex and fast-paced work environments.

    When there is discord, it needs to addressed head-on, but constructively. Most people avoid addressing contentious situations, yet ironically, conflict can lead to progress.

    The word “constructive” is defined as helping to improve and promoting further development or advancement, so by definition, conflict can actually serve as a powerful catalyst. It can lead to breakthrough solutions and resilient relationships.

    This course allows your team to build courage and confidence when confronting conflict.

    Team leaders learn to create a comfortable environment in which people feel safe to air issues, with the understanding that all discussions will be respectful and productive.