Build Trust, Credibility and Respect

Build Trust, Credibility and Respect

Some statistics say that a staggering 40% of employees do not trust the management, and without trust, employees feel a sense of uncertainty, insecurity, and worry that creates a barrier to effective outcomes. With our current work reality and global economy dependent on relationships and partnerships, the ability to establish, cultivate, and restore trust with our colleagues, employees, vendors, and clients is an essential leadership capability. In addition, demands for talented workers are on the rise and competition to hire and retain the best is increasing. There is a growing need to build trust in our business and to find ways to engage our employees more fully, so they might resist the temptation to “jump ship” to an organization that offers a more rewarding and trusting work environment. This module looks at the relationship between trust, credibility, and respect and provides principles and tools for restoring broken trust and building a trust-driven work environment.

  • Research by Dale Carnegie found that the emotional trigger that drives employee engagement is trust. Yet some statistics say that a staggering 40% of employees do not trust management. This creates a conundrum, because employees are motivated by working in a trusting environment, yet too many times find themselves in one where they lack this foundation. As a leader, it is your responsibility to avoid this gap by fostering a culture of trust, and that starts with building trust between yourself and each team member. A relationship grounded in trust generates credibility and respect, which in turn promotes a culture that works harder together. In this workshop, you learn the difference between trust, credibility and respect, and how their nuances contribute to your ability to lead people to great heights. Building and restoring trust is not easy but using the right techniques and tools will engender a healthy environment that engages people and ensures you retain them.


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