Communication Skills for Managers

Communication Skills for Managers

Today, more than ever, it is important to engage our teams with active communication. Learn the tools to strengthen your ability to manage change, negotiate and compromise, resolve conflicts, gain consensus and collaboration, and create a cohesive team. These enhanced communication skills can make the difference between getting promoted or being passed over.

  • This course will show participants how to clearly, precisely, and appropriately convey a message, helping people learn to assess their audience's learning style and match the right media to it.

    Examine the language you use when speaking or writing and learn to keep the language simple, straightforward, and clear.

    Our expert coaches will work with you to read your own body language and the body language of their listeners for cues to understanding.

    Finally, you will learn a questioning formula that helps quickly determine comprehension, developing the skills needed to eliminate the frustration of miscommunication forever.