Effective First Impressions: Face to Face

Effective First Impressions: Face to Face

Never underestimate the value of a smile. The first time you come face to face with a customer not only sets the tone for that meeting, it determines the success of all future interactions. By energetically and professionally welcoming customers, you let them know that they matter to you and that’s an invaluable start! 

  • All customers want to be recognised, appreciated and treated as the most important ones. And it starts at your very first meeting.

    You never have a second chance to make a first impression. Studies have shown that people make decisions about each other within the first seven seconds of meeting, and nonverbal cues have more than four times the impact on a first impression than anything said.

    That means that making a customer feel comfortable and welcome right from the start is critical in creating a long-lasting relationship.


    In this course, you will learn a simple process for making a positive first impression — and ways to make ALL interactions engaging. Understanding the mistakes that can hamper a face-to-face interaction will help you avoid them. Using a proven process, you will gain the confidence to get off on the right foot with a customer, the first step toward an enduring relationship.