Foundation for Consultative Selling

Foundation for Consultative Selling

High-performing sales executives follow a planned sales process for building rapport, generating interest, presenting customised solutions, adding value, negotiating and closing sales. To do this, they manage their time effectively, focus on priorities and create compelling solutions. At each stage of the process, they communicate the value their solution — and they themselves — bring to the client.

  • Selling without a process is like fishing with a rod and reel instead of a net. You’ll catch some, but it takes more work and time.

    A proven process delivers consistent results. Building relationships and using a consultative sales approach creates positive outcomes for all parties.


    This course lays the groundwork for consultative selling by exploring the key steps and concepts of a proven sales process that leads to measurable results for both sides.

    You will spend time setting goals and developing a personal mantra for reaching new heights. Practical skills are also taught such as time management and strategic planning.