How to Cold Call and Build New Customers

How to Cold Call and Build New Customers

  • If you�re like most sales people you can think of a million excuses not to cold call because � let�s face it � you hate it. The rejection and sense of failure are tough to take. But cold calling is necessary to success since new business often accounts for as much as 50% of your production. This engaging live online seminar will help take the stress out of cold-call days and improve your hit ratio. Cold calling has never been tougher. As soon as the prospect figures out you�re a sales person the immediate responses are �no budget,� �we�re in a purchasing freeze�, or �call me in six months if things are any better.� But we all know that there is always money available to buy something that provides real value to the prospect. The trick is to get your value proposition in front of the prospect in such a compelling way that you turn off the automatic �no� response.


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