How to Replace Conflict with Cooperation

How to Replace Conflict with Cooperation

Do you recognise any of these warning signs of workplace conflict?

Projects that were on track suddenly begin to slide. Vital information now takes days to get. Helpful colleagues turned into roadblocks. Meetings that accomplished things now end in stalemate. If you do, you need to act now before conflict tears your group, division or organisation apart.

  • This program will teach you to resolve conflicts positively and keep cool at the same time.

    The program begins by demonstrating how to diagnose conflict within an organisation and teaches a variety of strategies and approaches for managing conflict and how to match them to a particular situation.

    Learn concrete ways to apply these strategies to achieve maximum effectiveness. Instructors will also look at individual conflict response styles and teach people to avoid the stress and anger that can draw them into confrontation. The result is that participants learn to be in control and to remain poised in conflict situations.