Negotiations: A Human Relations Approach

Negotiations: A Human Relations Approach

  • Effective leaders and sales professionals must be effective negotiators. This requires skilled questioning and information gathering. A common mistake when negotiating is the failure to thoroughly explore the wants, needs, and motives of the other parties involved before presenting solutions. Honing methods of inquiry and presenting solutions in a way in which others can see added value for them, provides a strong foundation for negotiations. Applying a proven negotiations process helps people know where they are going and how to plan for success. In this two-hour workshop, you will learn techniques such as building rapport; analyzing the actions, needs, and agendas of all parties; using effective strategies such as presenting alternatives; bargaining in good faith; and finalizing agreements so that everyone �wins� something that they want. By doing so you will be able to gain cooperation and increase the likelihood that future interactions will be positive.


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