People Skills for First Time Managers and Supervisors

People Skills for First Time Managers and Supervisors

Promotion to manager is exciting, but it requires a shift in achievement that can be daunting for many first-time managers. Now, instead of focusing on their personal achievement, managers must coach others to succeed. To achieve success, managers and supervisors need a firm grasp of human relation skills.

  • This seminar provides everything you need to know to achieve outstanding results through others.

    It covers the basics like planning, organising, and setting controls, but the real focus is on building interpersonal effectiveness.

    Learn how to gain employee commitment, lead confidently, and motivate employees to peak performance.

    Develop the skills to avoid the 6 most common mistakes first-time managers make.

    Gain important insights into the legal dos and don'ts of hiring, performance management, and termination.

    Discover how to build good relationships up and down the organisation.