Strategic Planning Essentials: Prepare for Future Success

Strategic Planning Essentials: Prepare for Future Success

  • Strategic planning used to be about identifying key activities that would successfully help the organization survive from year to year. Today, it is about challenging the way things are done, the way the organization operates, and about sparking a revolution to transform an organization beyond what it is today. Strategic planning is more than just a list of short-term deliverables and activities. It aligns short-term objectives to long-term success and challenges our day to-day way of thinking. Most of us do not need to be convinced about the importance of planning. Research and anecdotal examples abound describing organizations that have thrived or failed due to adequate or inadequate planning. But success takes more than planning � it requires new ways of thinking about who we are as organizations. You can either create your own destiny or be at the mercy of the moment. In this three-hour Live Online workshop, participants will learn the essentials of strategic planning and prepare their organization for future success.


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