Trusted Advisor Bootcamp

Trusted Advisor Bootcamp

  • Organizations today realize that they will achieve greater results if their teams can collaborate more effectively across functional boundaries. The temptation is to work in silos, but strong leaders develop consultative relationships between their team and other teams. This includes fostering movement and readiness in role succession so that trust can be sustained amongst teams. It also requires that employees be highly engaged in order to be confident and empowered as internal consultants who can question, challenge, and think strategically. This six-part, twelve-hour Live Online seminar is designed to overcome one of the biggest challenges that shared services (such as HR, IT, Finance and Accounting, as well as consultative sales people) face in organizations today � being viewed as a transactional or commodity resource versus a true business partner. Included are such key elements as: developing rapport and trust, designing solutions that advance stakeholders� strategies, strengthening leadership and influence, managing resistance and conflict, and more.


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