The pace of change in business today is accelerating—fueled in large part by the external environment. The increase in volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) means that new companies spring up seemingly overnight. Products and services that were revolutionary two years ago are rendered obsolete if they don’t adapt to market changes fast enough.

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Strategic Readiness Workshop

Insight driven and results-oriented view of strategic readiness in a time of change and uncertainty

"We may not be able to change the wind, but we can adjust our sails." - Thomas S. Monson

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Great companies embrace the change.

They view change as an opportunity to be more creative, flexible and innovative. After all, it is people who determine the success of every company. Most leaders recognise that they can’t keep doing things the same way if they want to prosper in this environment. 

After all, with every sailing team having a boat, a crew and the same conditions, it should be a dead heat. But it isn't.


Discover successful areas of adapting and responding to change


Build team collaboration and communication


Make commitments to an action plan


Attain an insights-driven pulse check of strategic readiness for the future

Workshop Outline
This workshop focuses on building awareness across the group in critical
areas such as managing change, agility, VUCA to prepare your organisation for the future and changes to come.

First, by learning the challenges your organisation has dealt with over the past two years and how changes were addressed. Then, by understanding where your organisation is heading and where you want to be in the next two years. Your leadership team will work through a facilitated series of pulse check discovery questions.

The data is then captured in a  comprehensive report and you'll leave the workshop with an insight driven and results-oriented view of strategic readiness in a time of change and uncertainty – supporting you in getting team buy-in to tangible improvement measures.

Who Should Attend
Cross-functional teams tasked with driving and supporting strategic direction and company vision.

2 Hour Virtual Facilitated Workshop

Session Structure
Change and Impacts
Discovery Questions
Live Results and Action Plan

Health Factors Covered
• Agility and Change
• Team and Culture
• Leadership Excellence
• Customer Experience
• Employee Experience
• Systems and Processes

The Dale Carnegie Strategic Program begins with a highly interactive and consultative Strategic Readiness Workshop dedicated to understanding
the balance of human capital, information capital and organisational capital across the organisation.


Beyond Technology:
Preparing People for Success in the Era of AI

As organisations deploy AI it will have profound impact on jobs, employee engagement and corporate culture.


Change Management: A Leader's Guide to Managing Change in the Workplace

The Dale Carnegie Training Change Model helps leaders prepare for change and encourage employees to embrace the change and drive positive outcomes.


Emotional Drivers of Employee Engagement

The relationship between managers and their team members is one of the primary indicators of employee engagement and team success. 

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