It’s hard enough to train and develop a diverse workforce when everyone is in a shared physical space. Now, with the need to make training accessible online and fast, there are a brand-new set of challenges on the horizon for leaders who are responsible for developing talent and aligning teams in a way that is engaging for the participants, drives sustainable impact and supports measurable results.

Session Outline:

Upskill your virtual training today.

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Virtual Train the Trainer Certificate

Learn the secrets of designing and delivering virtual instructor-led training with the real-time coaching and feedback of some of the top Dale Carnegie virtual trainers in the world.

Become an expert virtual trainer.

When you finish this program, you will be able to:

• Overcome the top challenges of delivering live online training
• Reconstruct your own in-person training activities to an impactful online experience
• Develop a collaborative learning experience founded in social learning methodologies
• Foster active participation and engage learners
• Leverage the benefits of your company’s existing online platform
• Plan and prepare content to ensure effective live online delivery
• Use Dale Carnegie’s design process to develop your own online training experiences in the future.


 Session 1
How to Train Online 

Go beyond presenting content. Learn how dynamic online experiences create results. Assess your current skill set for future development.


Session 2
Building Virtual Instructor Led Trainer Competencies 

Learn and practice the competencies needed to become an expert online trainer.


Session 3
Fundamentals of Design 

Begin the migration of your in-person training to online using the Dale Carnegie design process.


Session 4
Deliver Your Training 

Deliver on the training that you’ve designed. Use the tools and activities within your own program and receive coaching and feedback.


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In this short book, you'll discover techniques for public speaking and networking, centered around telling a story that people will remember - and that will get results.

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