Phil Hunt

Hunt Consultants
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Hunt Consultants delivers a team dedicated to making their clients a success by delivering solutions in sales, client management, talent management and Leadership & Coaching that build competitive advantage for organisations.

Phil Hunt is an external advisor with over 25 years experience, providing objective analysis and support and deliver external skills and resources to ensure the business realises its full potential by evolving teams, processes and management in critical disciplines.

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Tony Bonanno

Value Selling Academy

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Value Selling Academy focuses on the specific behaviours that will improve the performance of your sales people and managers. 

Recognising that the most influential person in the lives and activities of your sales people is their sales manager means that Tony Bonanno has an unwavering focus on ensuring that those managers are in the best position to sustain the behavioural change in sales people needed to achieve exceptional results.

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Russ James
Transforming Conversations

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For the past three decades, Russ James has built and sold businesses based on one major factor: Premium Pricing. Author of the book "Winning Through Price Intimidation" which lays out the truths about premium pricing.

Russ brings his years of organisational leadership and business management and ownership experience to consult and provide professional development solutions that create business results for organisations and teams.

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