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Talent Development

Talent management is all about getting the right talent on your team, in the right areas. But it's also about developing the talent of the people you already have.

Leverage corporate training to strengthen your talent pipeline.

At Dale Carnegie, we're continually researching and analysing emerging trends in the HR and L&D space to help our clients navigate through times of change and uncertainty.


Our talent management and development programs will help you identify talent in your teams and develop strategies to help them meet their full potential as high-performing leaders.

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Talent development initiatives that will boost morale, motivate, and optimise performance.

The economic turbulence that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused accelerated the talent shortage to a degree that no one could have predicted.


Skills shortages are a significant issue for many companies globally, and attracting the right candidates from a limited talent pipeline can be a real challenge.

We understand that attracting new talent is important, but investing in the talent we already have is equally crucial. Fostering a culture of continuous learning helps organisations to close skill gaps and help employees to thrive within new hybrid and digital workplaces.

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Discover our unique approach.

For over a century, Dale Carnegie has been improving individual and business performance around the world. We offer training and multi-rater assessments that focus on a range of competency areas that align to our training solutions or can be tailored to the learner’s professional development path.

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Investing in people development creates employee engagement, increases retention and profitability.

Workforce planning strategies don't occur in a vacuum. Talent development needs to be intentional, strategic and expertly executed. Beginning with leadership, a commitment to talent development shows employees you are committed to them, not only in their careers but holistically as well-rounded people ready to grow and take on challenges.



Training needs analysis and assessments ensure the right people receive the right development, at the right time.


Learner Journeys

Our team work with you to create customised development plans suited to both individual and organisational outcomes.


Deliver Training

Skill development initiatives are rolled out using Dale Carnegie's proven training methodology.



The goal is to create a high-performance, sustainable organisation that meets it's strategic and operational goals.

Develop your employees for success.

Contact us to discuss your unique business requirements and talent development needs.

Human resources whitepapers you may be interested in:

Blended approach to optimising the employee learning journey

A Blended Approach to Optimising the Learning Journey

An overview of research combined with expert insights into when blended (digital and traditional face-to-face) training strategies are most effective along the learning journey for the development of interpersonal and other soft skills.

Achieving Cultural Inclusion.png

Achieving Inclusion through Cultural Awareness

Genuine inclusiveness is an important mechanism for achieving sustained diversity. Organisations can enhance their inclusiveness by helping people develop their cultural awareness and cultural competency.

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Developing a Resilient Workforce

Resilience refers to people’s ability to “bounce back” from adverse experiences and is characterised by the capacity to cope, recover and learn from them.

This whitepaper provides a model and practical strategies for developing resilience in employees, teams and across an organisation.

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