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Live Online & On Demand Webinars

Not your standard webinar. Highly interactive sessions with discussion and reflection, we'll explore trending topics for today's leaders.

Upcoming Live Webinar

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Date and time
Fri, 24 May 

Online event


About the event 

As a leader, you understand the critical role meetings play in driving team success. Yet, you've likely experienced the frustration of ineffective meetings – where valuable ideas remain unspoken, structure is lacking, and progress stalls.

You're not alone. Ineffective and uninspiring meetings plague organisations worldwide, draining productivity and morale. But fear not, because there's a better way.

Join us for this live online session where we'll delve into the root causes of unproductive meetings and provide actionable strategies to transform them into dynamic, purposeful sessions. In this webinar, we'll explore:

  • The common pitfalls that turn meetings into time-wasters

  • Techniques to keep participants engaged and focused

  • How to set clear objectives and ensure they're achieved

  • Better meetings using the Six Working Genius framework

This is not a meeting you'll want to miss! Register now and embark on a journey towards more impactful, fulfilling meetings.

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Win-Win Negotiations: The Art of Collaborative Success

Are you ready to take your negotiation skills to the next level and achieve win-win outcomes that benefit both parties involved? Join us and explore how you can become a more effective, influential professional.

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Effective Goal Setting: Strategies for Crushing Your Goals

In every moment lies the potential for a fresh start and renewed determination, whether it's the beginning of a new year, a fresh month, or a promising Monday. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies for effective goal setting. 

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