Top performing organisations know that effective leadership is not a luxury; it is essential to their success.


We target specific core competencies within the organisation that are aligned to the unique role that your leaders play in delivering strategy and a role modelling culture.

Using simple and practical tools and content, combined with an interactive facilitation style based on practice and action, we provide all levels of management and emerging talent with the training and development needed to become inspirational leaders.

Upskill your organisational
leadership capabilities.

Leadership resources you may be interested in:

Leadership is an action, not a position.

It's about being able to inspire creativity, ownership and action in constantly changing circumstances to realise desired organisational outcomes.

Leadership solutions that focus on growth.


All success starts and ends with people.

The Dale Carnegie Human Relations Principles are the core of Dale Carnegie’s methodology.

At the foundational level building rapport and trust in relationships. The second stage focuses on gaining enthusiastic cooperation, allowing us to motivate and influence others.

The Be a Leader set of principles is the third stage of building successful relationships and focuses on leading others to commit to changing their attitudes and behaviours.

The path to leadership excellence.

To be truly effective, leaders must embrace, model, and apply the behaviors that lead to the type of outcomes that drive results.

Our unique and powerful approach to leadership development is based on the wisdom and expertise gained from developing leaders longer than anyone else in the marketplace. Our leadership model acknowledges that a leader's ultimate responsibility is to drive the desired  organisational results.

We believe this is only possible once a leader learns to model key behaviors and apply the Dale Carnegie Human Relations Principles in conjuction with effective tools and processes.

Accomplishing strategic goals or driving desired organisational results hinges on the ability of every leader in the organisation to develop his and her unique leadership potential and unleash the talent of their team members.


Proven design and delivery framework.

The Performance Change Pathway™ enables us to deliver sustained performance change in your leaders.


We believe that learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom, and that it happens over time. Our training framework helps open the minds of participants to the need and desire to change. We maximise the opportunity to create the emotional and behavioral change that leads to performance change.


Recognising Leadership Blind Spots

Research shows that leaders have blind spots, and they can be costly to the organisation. Sadly, most leaders believe that their vision in the world of business is 20/20, so it takes a little convincing to get them to see the error of their ways. This paper, supported by employee surveys, identifies the blind spots and offers effective solutions to address them.


Leadership Guide for First-Time Managers

The transition to leader is one of the most challenging times in a career. Dale Carnegie’s learning guide provides leadership skills for new managers. Avoid common traps that new leaders can fall into. Build a team that is accountable, engaged, and at peak performance.


Humble Leaders: How they Unlock a High-Performance Culture

Employee engagement, productivity, growth, and commitment all strongly depend on the effectiveness of leadership. Being a humble leader brings the best out of your people and models for them the type of leadership that will help them to succeed throughout their career.

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