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Our Solutions


Capitalise on the strengths and abilities of your employees.


Create a strong corporate culture that is aligned to your strategy and delivers results.


Increase retention as you cultivate ownership and passion in individuals.


Transform managers and high performers into inspirational leaders.


Develop and communicate a clear picture of success, inspiring people into action.


Thrive as you solve challenges, drive growth and remain competitive.


Ensure successful change initiatives by supporting the people side of change.


Ensure senior leadership are working together as one team.


Develop trust, commitment and open communication to fuel high performing teams.


Capability uplift plans to equip teams for better business outcomes.


Personal Development

Professional development to help individuals reach their potential.


Students and Youth

Find and develop your strengths to kick-start your career from the get-go.

Invest in your greatest asset. Your people.

Human resources whitepapers you may be interested in:

Performance Change. Lasting Impact.

Bring a program in-house for a customised training solution, attend an open enrollment public course, or gain access to the largest live online training subscription on the market.

Dale Carnegie provides a wide array of solutions with interchangeable formats that can meet the needs of large enterprise, government, small-to-medium business, and individuals.


Transforming Attitudes and Actions Whitepaper

Understand the Elements of a Strong Corporate Culture. This whitepaper examines the perceptions of senior leaders on the strength of their own company cultures, their attitudes about its importance and impact, and actions they are taking to improve it.


Employee Engagement: It's Time to Go All-In Whitepaper

A decade and billions of dollars later employee engagement levels have barely moved. Find out what companies may be missing in their quest to build a confident, engaged workforce that actually moves the needle on employee engagement.


Beyond Technology: Preparing People for Success in the Era of AI

As organisations deploy AI it will have profound impact on jobs, employee engagement and corporate culture. Understanding what that impact will be and how to prepare people for success will be critical.

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