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Meet the Team

Jordan Wang

Managing Director
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Jordan joined Dale Carnegie 10 years ago in the Auckland operation before relocating to Sydney, where he supported digital marketing in the APAC region before becoming the Sydney Franchisee in 2018.


Jordan is highly passionate about creating a scalable business with a highly engaged team, and complimenting the unique Dale Carnegie principles and development methodology with data driven strategy and quantifiable ROI for clients.

Brendon Telfer

Regional Sales Director

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Brendon has over 20 years experience working with CEOs and MDs on tactical ways to improve bottom-line profit.

Managing the energetic sales team, Brendon enjoys the creative aspect of sales, consulting with businesses to find the most effective way to deliver solutions that create lasting, impactful results.

As an accredited Dale Carnegie Trainer, he delivers training in both public and in-house programs.

Anne-Marie Sage
Senior Trainer

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Anne-Marie has been a trained facilitator for more than 15 years in her own business as a qualified psychologist.

Her speciality is in working on behavioural shifts to help people achieve breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives, which then transcends into higher performance in business.

Anne-Marie is a strong presenter, and one of the most enthusiastic individuals you will meet, with a passion and zest for life which exudes through her personality.

Jessica Gopalan
Regional Marketing Manager

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As Marketing Manager for Dale Carnegie Australia, Jessica oversees the strategy and execution of our marketing initiatives.

Jessica is well known for her exceptional eye for detail, creativity, and insatiable appetite for development and improvement.

Combining a bright and friendly persona with her extensive knowledge in all things business and marketing, she is perfectly suited to her role.

Steven Zohrab
Senior Performance Consultant

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Steven is the epitome of a customer-centric leader, bringing a positive attitude, dedication, determination and flexibility to the team. 

With over five years experience in leadership development in non-for-profit and government, Steven has enjoyed his transition to the corporate landscape. 

As a Senior Performance Consultant, Steven has successfully supported the development of professionals across several industries, with a focus on healthcare, retail and construction.

Andy Wu
Corporate Consultant

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With his background and experience with businesses, Andy comes across very professional and knowledgeable in business challenges. He is recognised by his positive attitudes and passion to help people.

As a Corporate Consultant, he enjoys the most meeting with new people and learning about new businesses. In the office, he loves mingling with different generations.

Rachael Brian
Performance Consultant

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Rachael has Bachelor of Marketing and Media and comes from a background in sales. Her dedication and drive for the highest quality makes Rachael invaluable to the company.

She seeks to understand customers desires then drives outcomes that exceed them allowing Rachael to build strong relationships with all those she works alongside. Rachael's insatiable appetite for results allow her to consistently deliver nothing short of her best.

Cyrena Bouris

Account Manager

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Cyrena has delivered above and beyond customer expectations, through her interpersonal skills and developed problem solving expertise. She is identified for her contagious enthusiasm and infectious smile.
As an Account Manager, she passionate her clients and always ready to take on a challenge with innovation and dedication.
She is famous in the office for picking up an inbound call on the first ring.

Sophie Giese
Sales and Marketing Assistant

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Sophie's a friendly, driven and highly adapt young individual who brings great value to the sales and marketing teams.

A fast learner with hands-on experience in marketing, events, communications, Sophie doesn't shy away from a challenge and is always looking for ways to improve our processes and systems.

When she's not creating creating content for our social channels, or promoting programs and workshops, she can be found producing theatre productions at UNSW.

Rob Goodburn
Certified Trainer

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Rob's journey all started at the age of 23 when he became the youngest course facilitator for the Princes Trust Volunteers UK developing leadership skills and teamwork while delivering projects for the community. Moving to Australia in 1999, he moved on to WHS and safety roles where he designed, delivered and facilitated workshops & training solutions to meet client needs. Today, he brings all this experience to Dale Carnegie where he enjoys being a part of something that has a positive impact.

Laurie Ward

Corporate Consultant

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Laurie manages Ward Associates, a consultancy that works in partnership with its clients to help re-align and grow their businesses.

As a corporate consultant with the Dale Carnegie team, he brings his experience from working in different industries, like Information Technology, Financial Services, Government, Retail and Renewable Energy markets. This, in conjunction with his big picture approach are ingredients for the best possible results.

Russ James
Client Advocate

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For the past three decades, Russ James has built and sold businesses based on one major factor: Premium Pricing. Author of the book "Winning Through Price Intimidation" which lays out the truths about premium pricing.

Russ brings his years of organisational leadership and business management experience to the team, and looks after the Western NSW regional territory.

He's on the trainer development journey, and we are excited to see him bring value and sustained results to his clients.

Jodrich Apoderado

Account Manager

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Jodrich first started with an internship program working with the Walt Disney Company in Florida, and moved into selling premium kitchen appliances for 5+ years before moving over to Australia from New Zealand. He enjoys a myriad of activities outside of work including snowboarding and skiing when he can, and would like to take up rock climbing, ball room, show tune and tap dancing.

Swavi Dongol


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