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Become the leader you’re meant to be

Step Up To


Discover Your Leadership Style

Outstanding leadership has as much to do with the leader’s character as it does with what needs to be done.  In other words, it’s not what you do, but how you do it.  As a leader, one must care about the total person, develop compassion and patience, have an open mind, ask questions, listen well, and align motivation to common goals.

Become a Driver of Engagement

In studies done on employee retention, one of the main reasons employees leave is because of the relationship with their immediate manager. Providing recognition and opportunities for growth are also important to reducing turnover.  This program will help you to develop the tools to build a positive relationship with the individuals on your team.

Drive Desired Results

Leadership isn't just about managing people. As a leader, you are looking at ways to balance people and processes that increase results and productivity. Stepping into a leadership role for the first time requires you to transition from managing your own work and performance, to leading that of others.  Developing the ability to get the commitment and motivation of individuals and teams is the difference between being a manager and a leader.

Relevant for Today’s Challenges

Through practical, hands-on learning experiences, we’ll address today’s big challenges in leadership that require flexibility in approach and thinking. You’ll build skills in a range of key areas that will have you hit the ground running in your role.

Program Learning Objectives

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SUTL Guide Download
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Explore the course guide

The course guide provides all the information you need to get started, including course dates, what you can expect from the program, and answers to frequently asked questions. Take the first step towards your leadership journey.

Download the 'Step Up To Leadership' Course Guide

Step Up To Leadership

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Why Choose Dale Carnegie?

Tried & Tested

For over a century, we've helped 9+ million individuals around the world develop the skills they need to succeed. Our proven methodology focuses on real-world scenarios and hands-on experience, ensuring you gain practical skills that you can apply immediately.

Personalised Coaching

Our personalised coaching is tailored to your needs and goals, with ISO-certified trainers dedicated to your success. Our coaches work with you to develop a customised plan and provide ongoing support and accountability to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

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What Clients Say

"I was surprised just how much we covered so much in one day. This course has given me the solid foundation to help with my next career step."

Steven Ranson

Have questions?

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