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Safety isn't just a policy or process, it's a culture

One October day in 1987, Paul O’Neill stood in front of Wall Street investors and stock analysts and said

“I want to talk to you about worker safety.” 

More than 35 years later, the message hasn’t lost it’s importance, and we want to talk about it too.


Driving real change in people’s attitudes, behaviours and mindset

In our latest project, we collaborated with 239 leaders to gather insights on the key trends and opinions in safety leadership. Through comprehensive surveys, we identified what the results are when a culture of safety is created. Their teams:

  • Go above and beyond basic compliance

  • Overcome and avoid complacency

  • Have meaningful safety leadership conversations

  • Improve lead and lag indicators

  • Are more willing to report errors and incidents


Overcoming complacency

Complacency doesn’t discriminate. It can hit anyone at any time. 

We’re working with industry leaders supporting their safety programs. We’ve since made it our mission to challenge the ‘it won’t happen to me’ mindset.

Leading by Example

Safety isn’t merely about minimising harm or eliminating risks. Safety and communication go hand in hand. A vision for a safe workplace starts with clear, open communication. Complacency in communication can be just as dangerous as complacency in actions. 

Meeting at construction site

"You can’t order people to change. So I decided I was going to start by focusing on one thing. If I could start disrupting the habits around one thing, it would spread throughout the entire company."


 - Paul O'Neill

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Safety Leadership Contact

Our Approach


When engaged in a project, we first understand the organisation, team, safety challenges and desired outcomes. We then deliberately design training solutions tailored to their systems and processes, ensuring they are most relevant to the team's needs.

working with real data

Whether utilising a wide range of team assessments or gathering real data and insights from participants at the start of each experience, we ensure that we revisit and address this data throughout the program.

putting it into practice

Whether in person or live online, we create a safe environment for sharing ideas and experimenting. During in-room practice, we simulate real interactions, scenarios, and opportunities for feedback and coaching.

using it in
real life

We're focused on practical and tangible skills that your leaders can apply immediately in their everyday interactions.

You're in Good Company

We don't just work in safety leadership. Some of the great companies we are partner with:

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Choose safety. Let's connect to explore it further

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