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Step Up to Leadership

Step Up to Leadership


This is a one-day “foundation” program aimed at preparing first-time managers and emerging future leaders to transition successfully into new roles. Based on Dale Carnegie’s Drivers of Success and the 12 qualities of outstanding leaders, this program provides leaders with opportunities to explore and build foundational and core leadership skills. 

Step Up To Leadership will help you to develop the tools to build a positive relationship with the individuals on your team. This program is specifically designed to address today’s big challenges in leadership that require flexibility in approach and thinking. You’ll build skills in a range of key areas that will have you hit the ground running in your role.


At the completion of the program you will be able to:

  • Explore your leadership styles and create a plan to optimise time and tasks
  • Develop your leadership communication skills, to gain cooperation and influence others
  • Understand how to create goals and a sense of direction for your team
  • Learn how to delegate, empower, and coach to achieve maximum results
  • Identify how to use reviews to manage change proactively


We will delve into real-world scenarios and tackle challenges together, utilising a range of techniques and processes. By engaging in activities, discussions, and self-reflection, you will have the opportunity to effectively apply the newly acquired tools alongside your peers.


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