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Giving Back, Enabling Growth

Over the course of the past 100 years in business, the Dale Carnegie business has worked to ensuring that proven tools for personal and transformative coaching can be applied across a wide segment of society – from the corporate boardroom to small business operations.

Day of Giving

Franchise partners all over the world celebrate October 21 as the Global Day of Giving, commemorating the company's founding date.

It’s become our way of uniting as One Carnegie to celebrate our history and give back to the communities in which we live.

The Global Day of Giving is dedicated to improving interpersonal relationships, and strengthening people and communication skills in youth and non-for-profit groups.

Community Partners

Secondary school students across Australia will be equipped for the future workforce with transferable skills through a partnership between Action for Agriculture and Dale Carnegie.


The partnership sees the winner of the annual Archibull Prize, an Action for Agriculture flagship program, attain a complimentary workshop to gear them up for life beyond the classroom with the skills most valued by employers and ensure that they can adapt to a wide variety of careers.

Young Australians have experienced drought, flood, fire and Covid-19, but they are also in a prime position to define their futures, drive positive change and take actions that will help them build a better world.

Action for Agriculture

Dale Carnegie Leadership Award 2020 2.jpg

Dale Young Parents

Dale Carnegie Australia has partnered with St Philip’s Christian College Dale Young Parents.

Leveraging the focus of both partners to positively impact education and leadership in youth.


The partnership sees development workshops provided to graduating students with a focus on building self-confidence, communication skills and the interpersonal skills required to transition from school education.

Two scholarship places on the Dale Carnegie immersive program are awarded annually to

two nominated top achievers in recognition of their leadership.

Opportunity Awaits

Interested in partnering for a community cause?

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