There is little doubt that organisations will need to innovate to survive as we come out of the pandemic and into an increasingly fast-changing world.

Creativity, the generation of novel and useful ideas, is a requirement for innovation and one of the most important skills today according to the World Economic Forum.

And innovation is impossible without creativity.

Develop creativity in your people, teams and organisation.

Innovation resources you may be interested in:

Innovate or Die

With the accelerated life cycles of products and services, companies have to think about problems and business issues in new ways. Maximising efficiencies is no longer enough for continued growth. Businesses must get creative.

Strategy needs creativity.


Leaders can make it or break it.

As is so often the case, success hinges on a commitment from top leaders. They alone have the power to establish a norm where people accept that actively identifying challenges and finding solutions is everyone’s business.


We work with clients to focus on three key areas:

  1. Communicating the organisational purpose effectively to provide a focus for creativity

  2. Consciously encourage a climate for creative initiative characterised by true empowerment and support for risk-taking

  3. Foster diversity

Innovation is social.

Team leaders reinforce a climate for creative initiative within their work units by strengthening people’s feeling of connection between their own work and the organisation’s purpose.


Their ability to manage the level of psychological safety on their team influences people’s willingness to take the risk of sharing their own ideas and to engage in the productive conflict needed for innovation.

Dale Carnegie can help guide and deliver outcomes to improving psychological safety and fostering a culture of innovation.

With all innovation comes change, and creating an environment for people to cope and be free from undue stress is beneficial to creativity at the individual level.


The 3 + 3 of Experience Innovation

This paper focuses on six trending innovations that companies are using to address the challenges they identify as barriers to their success. The market-facing trends analyse an in-depth understanding of their customers’ expectations, and unexpressed needs, while the workplace trends evaluate how best to optimise the workplace experience.


Creativity is Social: The Interpersonal Dynamics of Innovation in the Workplace

A practical model for encouraging creative ideas and realising their innovative potential. It is based on secondary research as well as related insights from Dale Carnegie Training’s own work, including our global survey of creativity in the workplace.


Leader's Guide to Innovation

You will be guided through the process of innovation, starting with the vision, the ultimate goal. Discover the challenges and the opportunities and brainstorm to find solutions. You’ll gather support (no man is an island!) and then put the accepted solutions into action. Finally, you’ll evaluate your results.

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