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With businesses growing more and more online, even before the world adapted to the pandemic, a struggle for business owners is to keep up with physical and online demand. With more business comes the need to expand, meaning hiring new workers and dealing with a lot more people.

Sam Jensen, Founding Director of Capital Prints, a small custom apparel and merchandising company located in Canberra, knew he needed to keep up with the organic growth of his business. Continuous growth meant that Sam was tasked with keeping his company’s systems up to date, as well as managing his people.

Capital Prints

The Dale Carnegie Course provided the fast-paced transition that Sam was after, within a safe and trusting environment, being able to undergo a full day of training and apply what he had learned going away that night for a consecutive 3 days. The coaching in the moment from the Trainer on the Program allowed Sam to articulate how his use of the principles had worked in his favour and how he can constantly uphold those patterns of behavior to inspire a change in himself as well as others.


Within the last couple of months since Sam completed the Course, he has seen a large improvement in the way he is able to work with and influence those around him, both employees and customers.


He gives the example of a heated conversation he had with a client. Instead of breaking trust with that client and letting go of the relationship, Sam was able use the Dale Carnegie Principles by “seeing things from [the client’s] point of view and I could see how the situation was taken the wrong way and admitting I was wrong”.


More recently he was able to sit his team down and collaborate on devising a company vision and values as a group. “Using the principles, I was able to facilitate the room allowing the team to get creative”. This exercise was so beneficial for Sam and his team. By embracing and living by the Dale Carnegie Principles, Sam is able to manage his people and his customers in a more effective way, through having those skills, he can keep up with his growing business.

Upskill your soft skills today.

Client Case Story

"I think anyone, not just a business owner, would get a lot out of the relevant content in the Dale Carnegie Course. 
- Sam Jensen, Founding Director, Capital Prints

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"It was such an enjoyable and fast transformation."

Sam needed to step up to a level of leadership where he could inspire those below him in the business to have more initiative to keep up with the growing demand.


He didn’t want to be the “do this, do that, do this" type of leader.

He wanted to empower other people or other staff members to be their own leaders, take initiative that would also grow them as individuals as well.

Sam’s business was growing at an exponential rate, he wanted to create leaders within his own organization and empower them with the initiative to keep up with the changes in the business. Sam wanted to be the kind of leader that could share his leadership load, not the one who would give his employees orders.


Sam found Dale Carnegie and had already read ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’, Dale Carnegie’s flagship book. He underwent the Dale Carnegie Course in March of 2020.

The course consisted of 3 training days from 9-5 in which Sam learned skills from effective leadership to overcoming stress and worry by using the Dale Carnegie Principles.


Sam saw almost immediate results in the way he was able to handle people within his business and his customers. By embracing and living the values and principles he had practiced on the Program, he could give his employees the supportive leadership he was hoping to gain. Additionally he could apply the principles into the way he interacted with his customers to maintain his longstanding relationships.

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