What Makes Dale Carnegie Different?

Over 100 years of proven success has made Dale Carnegie the industry leader and a true benchmark in professional training and development solutions.

We Work Together to Define Your Strategic Intent

We help you develop a clear strategic vision, first by outlining a strategic vision for your organisation, then uncovering the hurdles we may face in arriving at your desired destination. It’s really those hurdles that we need to clear.

We Inquire to Determine Your Organisational Needs

Now that we know what hurdles you face, let’s have an honest conversation to understand where your business stands today, so we can better drive toward your goals. Once the bar is set, and a plan is in place, we can develop custom training solutions that support your organisation’s specific needs.

We Involve Absolutely Everyone

We check in with employees at all levels to hear their thoughts on your overall company vision, find competency gaps that need to be closed, and discover attitudes that can support or undermine change, because positive change is a team effort.

We Innovate Positive Change

Dale Carnegie Training changes people so they can change their organisations, which then changes the world. Progress is propelled by the power of transformation, and that begins within. Our training solutions provide measurable results and map directly to the competencies we’ve identified to achieve your corporate initiatives through your people.

We Impact Results

Our training is known to ignite long-term behaviour change, and fuel emotional and intellectual engagement in businesses of all sizes. Dale Carnegie’s unique results-driven methods have endured around the world for over a century. We’re determined to drive your organisation toward its goals.

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Our Proven Training Methods Drive Success

Explore our case studies that exemplify how Dale Carnegie training works for professionals and businesses of all facets.

Consider This Your Transformation Toolkit

Our process is designed to get to the heart of what your organisation needs, and to develop custom solutions grounded in the Dale Carnegie training techniques.

We follow a five-step process, centered on workforce training.

Deliberate design.

Our approach is consultative-based. Everything we do is focused on your specific needs. We work with corporate partners to build learning and development solutions around their systems and processes.

Our unique design and delivery framework focuses on long term, lasting results by looking at the learning journey holistically.

Globally recognised trainers.

Our trainers are from commercial backgrounds and undergo 250 hours of in-house development before being certified. The process in which they are certified is ISO 9001 accredited, with rigorous quality standards, and regular re-certifications.


This means your facilitators have attained the highest level of quality in the industry.


Performance Change Pathway™

The Dale Carnegie experience engages learners from the initial contact through follow-up and support to reinforce key behaviours. Our methodology supports the development of skills and habits needed to sustain performance change.


We believe that the emotional shift is as important as the behaviour shift. That’s why our Performance Change Pathway™ shows our deliberate approach to create training programs that drive improved performance.


Dale Carnegie’s Performance Change Pathway™ encompasses five key components:

Input, Awareness, Experience, Sustainment, and Output.

We know that these components are essential to the design and delivery of our programs. They formulate a continuous learning path for participants to drive organisational results.

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