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Online training courses link from any location within an organisation, allowing participants to learn at their own pace with flexible part-time classes and training that fits their schedules. Together, they discover an interactive professional development experience that grows them as individuals, as a team, and as a company.

Looking for Training Solutions for your Teams?

Live Online Training

Actively participate in highly interactive programs from your office or home as certified instructors facilitate challenging, collaborative activities.

Live Online Programs

Live Online Training for Teams

Dale Carnegie virtual training courses are perfect for getting dispersed remote workers building skills and collaborating together.



  • One-hour course delivered by a live instructor

  • Fast-paced, live interaction

  • Practical skills for immediate application



  • Two or three-hour live facilitated sessions

  • Breakout rooms enable small group collaboration and facilitated dialogue

  • Individualised trainer coaching and feedback



  • Multiple weekly sessions for either four or six weeks

  • Includes all engaging features of workshops

  • Apply skills between sessions and progress reports enable ongoing performance improvement



  • Choose both in-person and live online programs to tailor the learning journey

  • Combine the power of
    in-person interaction and coaching with online convenience

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