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Dale Carnegie Franchise Celebrates Global Day of Giving

The Dale Carnegie franchise was launched as a way of ensuring that proven tools for personal and transformative coaching can be applied across a wide segment of society – from the corporate boardroom to small business operations. Franchise partners all over the world celebrated October 25 as the Global Day of Giving, commemorating the company’s 108th anniversary. “It’s become our way of uniting as One Carnegie to celebrate our history and give back to the communities in which we live. No other organisation can come together to impact thousands of people in one day like Dale Carnegie”, says Joe Hart, President and CEO of Dale Carnegie & Associates.

The Global Day of Giving is dedicated to improving interpersonal relationships with youth audiences. Franchise partners from around the world invite young adults and local community members to participate in special workshops for strengthening people and communication skills, benefiting thousands of community youth, non-profit and school staff workers.

The workshops this year during the pandemic are especially designed to boost self-confidence and interpersonal strategies in young people as they prepare to enter the wider world. Dale Carnegie Australia has partnered with St Philip’s Christian College Dale Young Parents. Dale Young Parents has been operating since 2000, designed to meet the need of young parent’s wanting to complete their education while parenting, but who found the barriers too challenging to succeed. This partnership is one of particular significance currently, given that the latest Australia Bureau of Statistics report shows that the proportions of young people who were not engaged in any employment or study increased in 2020 up to 12% compared with 8% in 2019. Leveraging the focus of both partners to positively impact education and leadership in youth, Jamie Boys, Head of Communication and Development says “I really feel we are at the beginning of an inspiring and impactful partnership and am excited to see this evolve.”

To learn more about Dale Carnegie, including learning and development partnerships for community and non-for-profit like St Philip’s Christian College, visit

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